Tuesday, February 6, 2007

In cyberspace, everyone can hear you scream

Lately I have been feeling the need to see a psychiatrist ... I seem to be suffering from low self esteem issues. When I was ten, I wanted to be an astronaut. When I was fifteen, I wanted to be a rock star and now that I am in my thirties, I have ended up as a lowly software engineer. You see, my aspirations have gone from the Moon to Madison Square Garden to being locked up for long hours in a dimly lit cubicle at work (henceforth referred to as prison). Since I am also a cheap Sindhi and don't have the heart to pay a psychiatrist, I have decided to pour my heart out on this blog for therapeutic reasons.

No but seriously, this blog is a place where I can collect my thoughts, write reviews and otherwise just rant. I hope you find my blog as witty as Adrian Mole's and as shallow as Bridget Jones diary.

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