Sunday, February 11, 2007

Money vs Memories

When you have children in the family, a camera is a necessity. When my Canon Powershot's ccd died, I was really depressed because all the cameras I liked were over Rs. 20,000 and that was waaaaayyyy over my budget.

Considering the fact that Vyohm and Vyndhia (my niece and nephew) look so different every month and I want to document every milestone, I decided to fight my Sindhi genes and burn a hole in my pocket and go ahead and buy the camera.

Vyohm and Vyndhia are staying with us for the weekend and I had the perfect opportunity to get some good shots. I was lucky enough to capture a video of Vyohm standing on the dressing table in front of the mirror playing with the tube light switch. The video has captured Vyohm, his reflection in the mirror, the light going on and off and his delight at being able to control the light.

The cost of the Sony DSC-H5 was Rs. 29,000. The shot of my nephew Vyohm in front of the mirror ... priceless.

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